Product benefits

  • Essential for 90% of potting plants
  • Efficient uptake capacity
  • Extended lifetime of roots
  • Improved regrowth after transplant
  • Soil-, plant- and fruit improver
  • Increased tolerance for abiotic stress
  • Support climate resistant crops

More information

Mini Plug

The pure spores of two different mycorrhiza species form the active ingredient of Mini Plug. This composition is supplemented with an airy mixture of vermiculite to guarantee optimal mixing with potting soil. The high concentration of mycorrhizal spores ensures quick colonization of the root system. Endo mycorrhizal fungi are essential for healthy plant growth, for almost all potting plants. The hyphae of mycorrhiza provide the plant an extended uptake capacity by 700% average. This allows the plants to deal efficiently with water and fertilizers.

Hyphae of mycorrhizal fungi support the mobilization of P, N, S and various trace elements such as Cu and Zn to the plant. The mobilization of these elements promotes nutrient density and healthy plant growth. Research has shown that tolerance to (environmental) stress factors can be increased by the use of mycorrhiza. Plants that grow with mycorrhiza are more resistant to salinity stress conditions for example.

The use of mycorrhiza is not only important for plants, these fungi are also essential for the soil structure. By enlarging the root system, a more airy cultivation medium is created which improves water buffering capacity. The life span of roots is also extended by at least a factor of 10. Mycorrhiza colonized plants give an improved growth during transplantation.