Product benefits

  • Fully natural
  • Can be applied in warm and sunny conditions
  • Decreases soil compaction
  • Improves water uptake by drought
  • Promotes spread ability of water and fertilizers
  • Stimulates growth of beneficial soil bacteria
  • No risk of leaf burn
  • Non-toxic for plants or animals

More information


Yuccah consists of purely natural wetting agents, derived from the Yucca schidigera plant. This plant species produces natural wetting agents to survive under the driest and most extreme conditions. The natural wetting agents help the plants to use water more efficiently and improves water penetration in dry soils. Natural sugars from the extract stimulate growth of beneficial soil bacteria. Yuccah is not harmful for plants, does not cause leaf burn or stress. It can be used in warm temperatures. Applying Yuccah provides a beautiful leaf shine and enhances quicker drying leaves.