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Soil and its micro biodiversity are of utmost importance in rebuilding soil through sustainable efforts. This inspires us to perform various analyses in our lab that help to determine and understand the health of the soil, as well as thorough analyses of plant roots. The results of these analyses then help our advisers in the field in assessing the soil health of our clients. By performing series of internal/external cultivation experiments, demonstration projects, and through analyzing the result of these, we do not only grow our knowledge of the interaction among soil, plants, fungi and rhizo-bacteria but also of our clients.

To support this goal our lab was established in 2018.

Scientific research

We keep digging into the understanding of the interaction between plants and soil, and how Plant Health Cure products can improve the cultivation.

Through lab research and cultivation tests with clients, we accumulated data and experience. After analyzing and studying this data, we can translate these into understandable figures, demonstrations and knowledge, which we integrate into our cultivation advice and share with our clients.

Product development

Plant Health Cure is constantly developing new products to complete our product eco-system and cultivation programs. In addition to that, we keep improving the performance of our existing products while decreasing costs and improving overall quality. We maintain a high standard in quality control, with continuous checks of our products.

Through the design of new products, according to the latest environmental regulation or alternative raw materials, for specific needs of cultivation, we can enhance the performance and this keeps PHC standing on the leading point of the biological fertilizer market.

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Soil analysis

With incorporating different approaches and techniques, we analyze the necessary parameters for growers who are willing to obtain healthy soil and healthy plants. In the same time, we are trying to quantify the microbiology situation of healthy, sustainable soil.

The PHC lab offers soil and plant-related analyses to assess the biological situation of soil, and the mycorrhiza colonization of plants and roots. By combining test results and the actual situation, our advisors give precise fertilization advice for growers, to enhance plant health and productivity.

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