Product benefits

  • Stimulates mycorrhiza colonisation
  • Combination of Trichoderma and rhizobacteria
  • Significantly improved plant growth
  • Repairs root damage
  • Simple and economical application
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Increases the tolerance for drought and heat stress

More information

Colonize Ag

PHC Colonize Ag is a soluble biostimulant with probiotic rhizobacteria and fungi. The triple action naturally and strategically supports plant growth. Firstly, the microbiology has been specially selected for fixation of nitrogen, release of – among others – phosphate, increase of chlorophyll concentration and decomposition of organic materials. Secondly, fulvine facilitates the mobilisation of elements to the plant and the stabilisation of cell membranes. Lastly, PHC Myconate stimulates the colonisation of (indigenous) mycorrhiza species that are present.

Colonisation of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria restores the utilisation by roots and improves stress tolerance. Compounds such as butyric acid facilitate the formation of new roots and rapid colonisation ensures healthy plant growth. The microbiology restores the essential biology for plants. Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma increase the absorption range of the plant, improve the nutrient density and water buffering.