Product benefits

  • Less leaching
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Better rooting
  • Strongly improved annual growth
  • Simple and economical application
  • A significant long term growth differential
  • Increased tolerance for drought and heat stress
  • Stimulates the rooting in the pot

More information

VA Cocktail

An all-in-one treatment (for growing medium) of container plants. Universally applicable for pot plants and bedding plants which depend on endo mycorrhiza. Mycorrhiza fungi colonize the roots under a variety of conditions, which increases the absorption capacity significantly. This results in an even rooting of the entire pot. Fresh potting soil is often sterile and does not contain the necessary biology for planting. PHC VA Cocktail realizes a rapid growth start and new root formation. The addition of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria restores the utilisation of roots and improves stress tolerance. Humic acids and seaweed extracts stimulate strong root growth. With this addition, the plants can utilize the entire pot and prevent leaching of fertilizers. As a result, fertilization can be reduced without restricting growth.