Product benefits

  • Activates growth processes
  • Stimulates calcium absorption
  • Improved calcium binding in fruits
  • Activates plant abiotic tolerance
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increases photosynthesis
  • Improves crop quality
  • Significant improvement in shelf life
  • Increased nutrient density

More information


PHC ProAct is a soluble biostimulant that stimulates the improved development of various plant processes in a natural manner. Harpin signal proteins activates the plant to abiotic adaptation, stimulate the plant’s natural growth and enhance health. The healthy plant will absorb and bind more silicon and calcium in the plant cells. The effects of higher silicon and calcium concentrations continue after harvesting, resulting in increased storage and shelf life.

Harpin proteins play an important role in the various phases of plant growth. For example, they result in increased fruit formation when applied before blossoming. Fruits and plants are better developed when applied during the growth phases. Harpin stimulates photosynthesis, resulting in increased nutrient density in plants. In times of drought or water evaporation, harpin ensures that plants are more resistant to these conditions by regulating loss of water via the stomata and improving water retention in the cells. PHC ProAct can be applied on all crops and plants due to the very broad and extensive effect of the proteins.