Product benefits

  • Improves the quality of crops
  • Activates SAR-functions
  • Increases CEC-capacity
  • Improves photosynthesis
  • Supports a healthy growth
  • Increases the abiotic stress tolerance
  • Improves the natural resistance
  • Ensures better storage

More information

Natural Green

The various trace elements in Natural Green are indispensable for healthy and resilient crops. Microfine calcium and magnesium particles can easily penetrate the leaf tissue through the cuticle. Through an innovative process the particles are positively charged, making the absorption by the plant optimal. Once in the leaves, the elements are mobilized to the right place. Calcium strengthens, in combination with silicon, the cell walls and improves the immune systems. Natural Green stimulates photosynthesis and the production of polyphenols and proteins. Good photosynthesis results in larger chloroplasts. Higher protein production ensures the effective production of enzymes, which, among other things, increases resilience.

Natural Green improves the potassium / calcium ratio in crops. A good ratio prevents excessive evaporation. This also improves the functioning of the membranes, which increases the stress tolerance. Efficient functioning of cell membranes in combination with photosynthesis increases the sugar content. A higher sugar content with the correct calcium and silicon ratio guarantees a longer shelf life and better storability of the harvest.