Product benefits

  • Solid cell structure
  • Activation of SAR functions
  • Activation of auxin reaction genes
  • Increase of photosynthesis
  • Supports healthy growth
  • Increases the abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increases the quality
  • Longer shelf life

More information

PreTect 2.0

The unique combination of trace elements in chelate form with harpin proteins in PreTect increases plant resistance. Receptors in the plant cells are triggered by the harpin proteins and activate a defensive response. This makes the plant better able to fight off attacks by insects, bacteria or fungi in a natural way. A plant with a strong defense mechanism is healthier and has more energy available for natural growth.

The natural growth results in a higher dry matter content, better and more fruit formation of which the quality also increases. The plant is also better able to absorb nutrients and mobilize them in the plant. The mobility in plants is also important in stressful conditions such as high sun radiation, heat or drought. The cell membranes are able to effectively regulate stress by the functioning of stomata and by mobilization of water, calcium, magnesium and other elements.

Harpin proteins also play a crucial role in the storage life of the harvest. Harpin exercises influence on natural ethylene production. In crop maturation, enzymes triggered by ethylene convert starches into sugars, break down cell walls and produce odor. The use of harpin in the ripening phase regulates ethylene production and thus slows down the aging process. As a result, harvests are of better quality and have a longer shelf life