Product benefits

  • Gives stable plant growth
  • Supports soil life
  • Increases the abiotic stress tolerance
  • Stimulates root development
  • Promotes photosynthesis
  • Easy to absorb, even at low temperatures
  • Quick penetration into rootzones
  • Chelation due to Fulvic 25

More information


The organic base of OLF Fe is derived from nature and has extraordinary fertilizing properties. Because of its concentration, this product provides higher amounts of organic ferrous elements. The natural effluent promotes fast penetration into the root zone. Combination of these elements with fulvic acids, provides easy absorbable elements for plants. Humic acids within OLF Fe prevent elements from leaching to surface waters. Plant nutrition is the key to plant health, providing the right elements is therefore instrumental. Healthy plants are better able to activate natural defense mechanisms so that the resilience increases. OLF Fe is a natural product in which no preservatives have been used.