Product benefits

  • Improves the rhizosphere
  • Increased root development
  • Chelates trace elements
  • Effient use of plant nutrients
  • Enhanced photosynthesis
  • Increased chlorophyll content
  • Increased abiotic stress tolerance
  • Enhanced starch and sugar production

More information


Fully natural and soluble chelating agent, supplemented with selected rhizobacteria. This biostimulant improves abiotic stress tolerance and crop stand. The chelating agent in MooR is derived from nature without the use of chemicals and is sold in pure form under the name Fulvic 25. The bacterial content exists of multiple strains per species. These bacteria have vital functions in the plant rhizosphere.

Root development is stimulated due to application of MooR, which results in efficient use of water and nitrogen. Natural fulvics in combination with special bacteria improves the availability of phosphates due to specific enzyme productions. In addition ensures fulvics in combination of siderophore production for improved iron availability. Availability of (trace) elements improves the nutritional value of crops for feed and food products. Another important effect is the increased dry matter content and the productions of starches and sugars.

On crops, MooR stimulates several enzymatic (SOD, POD, CAT) processes within plants. Stimulation of these enzymes result in increased stomatal gas exchange possibilities and increased chlorophyll content. Which enhances the tolerance to abiotic stress and increases plant quality.