Product benefits

  • Results in improved mineral and water absorption
  • Is completely soluble
  • Combined rhizobacteria
  • Improves the growth of plants
  • Simple and economical application
  • Increases the tolerance for drought and heat stress
  • Rapid rhizosphere colonisation
  • Cleans irrigation lines

More information


PHC BioPak is a soluble bio-stimulant with probiotic rhizobacteria. This product ensures natural and strategic synergy for healthy plant growth. Firstly, the microbiology has been specially selected for fixation of nitrogen, release of – among others – phosphate, increase of chlorophyll concentration and decomposition of organic materials. In addition, specific rhizobacteria produce natural compounds such as butyric acid, which stimulates root formation. Lastly, fulvine facilitates the mobilisation of elements to the plant and the stabilisation of cell membranes.

The good solubility means that PHC BioPak can easily be administered via drip irrigation or irrigation lines. This makes it a perfect application after soil disinfection. The microbiology in BioPak helps to restore the essential biology for plants. A rapid colonisation ensures healthy plant growth, improves the nutrient density and water dependency of the plant. BioPak prevents algae formation in irrigation lines and keeps them clean.