Product benefits

  • Better fruit color
  • Increases the brix content
  • Solid cell structure
  • Longer shelf life
  • Increases the abiotic stress tolerance
  • Supports a healthy growth
  • Increase in quality

More information


Intense fruit color, high brix value and good shelf life are important properties for all types of fruit. The combination of harpin, specific minerals and fulvic acid in ColorTect, improve these fruit properties. Harpin proteins enhance the immune system by activating the self-defense mechanisms within plants. The proteins and minerals also regulate ethylene formation, which increases the storage life and the soluble sugar content. The calcium mobilization is increased by the combination of harpin with micronised calcium.

Calcium mobilization supports the formation of metabolites and, together with silicon, ensures a solid cell structure. The addition of natural fulvic acid stimulates and regulates the stomata, thereby increasing the absorption capacity. With a good functioning of stomata the plant is also better able to regulate heat and sun stress. Plants with less stress have more energy available for the fruit.