Product benefits

  • Fully plant-based
  • Supports soil life
  • Contains natural fulvin
  • Increased availability and absorption of minerals
  • Provides a compact rhizosphere
  • Also absorbable at low temperature
  • Does not wash out
  • Contributes to plant health
  • Does not cause soil acidification

More information

BPF 5-0-3

Basic Plant Feed 5-0-3 is a basic fertilizer supplemented with natural fulvin, which is extremely suitable for fertigation applications. In addition to the mineral value, the plant-based raw material supplements the organic matter content. Addition of fulvin from Fulvic 25 provides an improved absorbency, even at low temperatures. This fulvine also mobilizes the present elements in the soil. Humic acids from Fulvic 25 prevent leaching of minerals and thus ensure efficient use of fertilizers. Natural sugars in BPF 5-0-3 serve as a source of energy and thereby stimulate soil life. The use of only plant-based ingredients ensures a low salt content, so there is no risk of burning. Because the product contains a combination of slowly and quickly released nitrogen elements, it has an effect of about 2 weeks.