Product benefits

  • Contains essential bacteria and fungi
  • Beneficial effect on ecosystem in the potting soil
  • Positive effect on plant growth
  • Positive effect on harvest quality
  • Easy to mix
  • Great diversity in spore elements
  • Guaranteed free of weeds
  • Prevents high nitrate levels in plants and in the soil

More information

Biovin Powder

Biovin is based on remains of the grape pressing process (grape must). The humification of the grape must creates a product with organic plant nutrients and a great number of beneficial micro-organisms, including the important nitrogen-fixating bacteria (actinomycetes) and SAR (Systemic Aquired Resistance) microbes. They improve resistance and tolerance for abiotic stress.

At least 45 researches have been run since 1974, all scientifically coordinated by several different government and university research stations and facilities. The outcomes always indicate that Biovin promotes the uptake of mineral fertilizers and prevents nitrate leaching. The nitrates are converted into ammonium nitrogen for the plants. The use of Biovin achieves major savings in the use of manure and/or fertilizer and can reduce leaching.