Product benefits

  • Fully plant based
  • Ensures stable plant growth
  • Supports healthy soil life
  • Efficient use of minerals
  • Easily absorbed amino acids
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance
  • Also effective at low temperatures
  • Contributes to climate-proof crops
  • Processed at 200 microns
  • Can be combined in all spray systems

More information

OPF 4-2-8

The organic base of OPF consists of plant based raw materials with high levels of natural sugars. Specific fermentation processes upgrade the organic materials to an excellent fertilizer. The high content of trace elements and sugars supports a healthy soil life and provides healthy and stable plant growth. The amino acids in OPF originate from plants and are therefore easy to absorb, even at low temperatures. The balance between slow and quick released nitrogen elements ensures an effect of up to 3 weeks. OPF is a natural product and contains no preservatives.