Product benefits

  • Mycorrhizal stimulator
  • Improves mycorrhiza colonisation
  • Repair of root damage
  • Increases the tolerance for drought and heat stress
  • Improves soil health
  • Simple and economical application
  • Improves the utilisation of fertilizer by increasing the absorption capacity

Myconate HB

PHC Myconate is a soluble bio-stimulant that activates any spores of endomycorrhiza that are present in the soil to form a symbiosis with the crops. Soil tillage, chemical fertilizers, high phos-phate concentrations and fungicides can have a negative effect on mycorrhizal colonisation. PHC Myconate stimulates mycorrhiza that are present to form a natural symbiosis. Application can take place by means of dry seed treatment, via fertigation and irrigation during or after sowing.
Colonisation by mycorrhiza is essential for good root development. Mycorrhiza increase the absorption range of the plant by up to 700%. This restores the functioning of roots, improves the nutrient density and increases stress tolerance. PHC Myconate contributes to healthy plant growth and a more efficient use of fertilizers and water.