Product benefits

  • Internal frost protection
  • Natural effect
  • Prevents structural damage in case of light/moderate frost
  • Applicable in areas without sufficient suitable water
  • Affordable and effective for stone fruit varieties
  • Also absorbable at low temperature
  • Easily applicable to all crops

More information

FrosTect 2.0

Thanks to increasingly reliable weather forecasts and PHC FrosTect, it is possible to be one step ahead to prevent frost damage. PHC FrosTect can be applied to soft fruit, hard fruit and nursery plants and contains a.o. Harpine proteins. This protein helps new tissue and the ovary of fruit trees against frost damage.

The protein causes a reaction in the cells that increases the level of minerals. This prevents the formation of ice crystals and increases frost tolerance. The added calcium reduces the plant`s reliance on mineral buffer. This increases the reliability even further. After the frost period, the proteins provide extra cell growth.