Product benefits

  • Restores the natural wax layer
  • Leaves a thick wax layer on the leaf
  • Plant-friendly
  • Improves the water-repellent properties
  • Results in a dryer crop
  • Biodegradable

More information


Revolutionary natural wax that restores the natural properties of the leaf. Damage to the natural wax layer on the leaf results in increased abiotic and biotic vulnerability. PHC AgroWax bridges the period of recovery and prevents further damage. A lot of water is normally lost via the cuticle on warm and sunny days. PHC AgroWax prevents this loss and inhibits photosynthesis by UV reflection. The stomata are still able to regulate the water balance in a natural manner.

The water-repellent wax layer ensures that the leaf dries quickly. This makes it more difficult for bacterial or fungal spores to develop. Water droplets are unable to attach to the leaves, thus preventing water or lime spots. This results in dryer heads in vegetable and lettuce farming, making crops easier to harvest. PHC AgroWax does not leave any residue and is not corrosive or toxic. The rapid biodegradability means that it does not have any harmful effects on the soil, plants, surface water or animals.