Product benefits

  • Reduces bicarbonates
  • Reduces sodium concentration
  • Improved mineralisation
  • Not irritating or toxic
  • Plant-friendly
  • Releases elements such as phosphate
  • Bio-degradable
  • Resolves minerals blockades

More information


Revolutionary restorer of absorption capacity of saline soils. The breaking down of bicarbonates in soils releases elements such as calcium, phosphate, zinc and nitrogen to the plant. Therefore, the absorption is very rapidly restored and further inhibition of plant growth is prevented. Additional irrigation will rinse away any unwanted salts.

Because PHC AgroAcid is not corrosive, toxic or irritating, it can easily be used near or over existing crops. The rapid bio-degradability means that it does not have any harmful effects on the soil, plants, surface water or animals. Research demonstrates that the bicarbonate concentration decreases by 40-50% after the first treatment. The release of minerals results in a larger pore volume and unwanted salts can then easily be flushed out.