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PHC and Vitens join forces to improve Dutch soil, groundwater and crop quality

Plant Health Cure (PHC) -part of Den Ouden Groep- has signed an agreement with water company Vitens to sell the entire production of fulvic and humic acids. These substances are released during drinking water extraction in peat meadow areas and, thanks to the collaboration, can be used on a large scale in agriculture and horticulture. Fulvic and humic acids increase the effectiveness of specific crop protection products and increase the absorption of fertilizers and minerals. Especially now the pressure to reduce pesticides and fertilizers is increasing, the collaboration is an important step towards sustainable and responsible use of the soil.

Working consistently on healthy soil and crops is how PHC and Vitens describe their new long-term vision. Based on research and expertise, both companies are working to ensure the recyclable product, which is better known in the market under the brand name Fulvic 25. Due to the improved market position with short distribution lines and local availability, the product can be delivered faster and easier. The product is thus preserved for use in Dutch agriculture and horticulture, which means that major steps can be taken towards making it more sustainable.

For farmers and growers, the partnership ensures consistent product delivery and composition, which effectively improves crop quality. Fulvic and humic acids support the absorption of foliar fertilizers and help to initiate mineralization in cold soil conditions. In addition, the natural extraction process ensures that the product does not contain ballast materials for agriculture and horticulture.

Ultimately, the goal is an upward spiral. By increasing the application of Fulvic 25 in Dutch agriculture and horticulture, the dosage of fertilizers and crop protection products can be reduced. This benefits the crop, the soil quality and thus the groundwater quality. The target set by the two companies is therefore in line with the European Green Deal and meets various Sustainable Development Goals, including those of responsible food and drinking water production.

Comments about the collaboration

“It was fantastic that we were able to upgrade a waste stream that used to cost a lot of money to process into a unique and valuable product for agriculture. But by collaborating with PHC, now we also contribute to healthy, chemical-free soil in our own area with this product. A great circular concept that also contributes to healthy food and clean (drinking) water!”

– Martijn Olde Weghuis, business development manager at Vitens


“You get a return from the soil with humic substances such as fulvic. Dutch humic acid and fulvic play a crucial role in making minerals available in the soil, without infringing on (natural) soil processes”.

– Raymond Notermans, senior crop advisor at PHC