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News Alert | OPF Granular 11-0-5 will no longer be allowed in organic cultivation

Dear organic growers and dealers,

To our regret, the permissibility of OPF Granular 11-0-5 in organic cultivation will expire in March 2023. After this, the product has a usage period of one year. This means that dealers and growers can purchase OPF Granular 11-0-5 until March 2023 and apply it until March 2024. Please note, this only applies to organic cultivation. In conventional cultivation, the product remains available.

Because OPF Granular 11-0-5 can be ordered until March 2023, we strongly advise to place your order in time. This can be done directly by mail or phone.

The admissions for organic are as follows:

Fibl: until 31-01-2023
Krav: until 18-06-2023
Control Union: until 14-03-2023
Omri: until 31-03-202

For questions and advice, please contact us.


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