Product benefits

  • Simple application
  • Contains necessary soil biology
  • Biodegradable sachet
  • Contains a natural mycorrhiza-stimulator
  • Prevents leaching of nitrogen
  • Improves plant and root growth after planting
  • Increases stress tolerance

More information

Tree Start

The composition of TreeStart ensures a quick establishment in the first year and strong growth in the years thereafter. The biodegradable sachets make it an easy-to-use product. The sachets can be placed in the planting hole without opening. TreeStart will become active as soon as the plant starts to grow. When the roots start to grow, essential soil fungi in TreeStart go in symbiosis with the roots to ensure healthy growth. The bacteria in TreeStart are necessary for plants by releasing minerals, binding nitrogen and breaking down of organic matter. The fertilizers in the sachets are of vegetable and natural origin. The addition of natural fulvic substances ensures an improved absorption by the plants. The cooperation of mycorrhiza and a moisture binder ensures a high stress tolerance in dry and wet conditions.