Product benefits

  • Fertilization and biology in one
  • Simple and economical application
  • Enough fertilizer for a whole year
  • No over-fertilization or under-fertilization
  • Perfect for pot plants and hanging plants
  • Odourless
  • No leaching
  • Nursery plants that receive Healthy Start perform better in the retail chain

More information

Healthy Start

Plug & play fertilizer tablets combined with rhizobacteria. Specially developed as a complete fertilization for new and existing plants for a whole year. This makes plants very low-maintenance and these tablets are therefore a cost-effective solution. The tablets are perfect for pot plants or hanging plants and for the fertilization needs of plants that are grown for the retail chain.

PHC Healthy Start tablets contain both macro-elements and micro-elements to ensure healthy plant growth. The dosed release of these elements ensures that the plant always receives a balanced amount of nutrition. The added microbiology facilitates the fixation of nitrogen, release of – among others – minerals, increase of chlorophyll concentration and decomposition of organic materials. The fulvine in the tablets facilitates the mobilisation of elements to the plant and the stabilization of cell membranes.